RELAXATION THERAPY (Swedish massage)


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Relaxation therapy is a Swedish massage, which involves the use of hand, forearms or elbows to give a mild, moderate or deeper strokes on the different parts of the body to target tissues and muscles for relieving pain, stress and provide relaxation. Swedish massage helps promote healing by directly targeting pain, injury, stress and stiffness. The therapists, who provides Swedish massage are well experienced and won’t push your pain limits in order to get the muscles to release.

During the procedure of Swedish massage, the person lays in a quiet and comforting environment. Dim lighting and soft music perfectly sets a peaceful atmosphere to melt away worries and stress. The therapist applies gentle pressure to the different parts of the body and smoothly manipulates the muscle tissues. The movements warm up the muscle tissues and help to release tension.

There are different benefits of Swedish relaxation therapy and it’s an important component of a healthier lifestyle. Swedish massage is designed to improve your blood circulation by soothing your muscles and makes you feel more relaxed. It is a natural pain killer, which gives you quick relief from chronic muscle pain.

With Swedish massage blood pressure decreases, heart rate slows and digestive activity increases. Relaxation therapy with Swedish massage will give you an amazing feeling by easing muscular strain, improving blood circulation and reducing emotional and physical stress. The length is the amazing relaxing session is for 60 minutes. You can book an appointment at our clinic to get the Swedish Massage Therapy.