full body massage in Delhi

Abhyangam is an Ayurvedic holistic healing massage therapy that relaxes and refreshes your body and helps in the healing process. The treatment is so refreshing and relaxing that it detoxifies your body, mind and spirit. Herbal oils are used in this therapy to work along the energy channels of your body and restore the flow of vital energy. The Massage is indicated daily to prevent aging and body healthy, balances and alert. It also relieves the muscle stiffness and helps in freeing body movement. The Massage is done in a soft rhythmic way for 45-60 minutes to rejuvenate and relax your mind.

The stimulating treatment calms nerves, increases blood circulation and promotes deeper sleep, which provides quick relief to fatigue, circulatory disorders, stress, back pains and injury. Men and women, who want to reduce the effects of ageing, should opt for Abhyangam therapy at Rediscover. You can book the appointment and get the therapy at an inexpensive cost.